A guide on how to choose your Dream Wedding Gown

We know it has been too overwhelming for you to find your dream wedding gown! And you are here to find some tips on how to start with the process of finding the right wedding dress for yourself. We have penned down some important things you should have in mind while choosing your wedding gown. Have a read. 

Observe your choice pattern

Fret not if you are not aware of the not-so-colloquial terminologies of different wedding gown styles that are available in the market, although we are sure you will be aware of where your attention goes when you look at the wedding gowns online. That is all you need to know! Understand the type of wedding dress that gets most of your attention, better if you start collecting those wedding gown images on Pinterest, Instagram, or on your phone. 

The idea is to go with your instinct and not only the bridal dresses that are currently in fashion. Your friends, acquaintances may have different choices. We suggest you pay attention to what attracts you the most. 

Here are few styles for you to understand the style and patterns for wedding gown


Flared Wedding Gown

Trumpet Wedding Dress

A-line Wedding Gown

Empire Gown

Shortlist the color pallet

It’s always good to start with having a vision in mind. This way you will not be all over the place. Filter out the colors too as you filtered out the style of wedding gown.

Wedding Theme

Have you decided on your wedding theme yet? Before buying the wedding gown your priority should be to have the venue and theme decided, or shortlisted. Decide whether you going to have a casual garden party themed wedding, formal or romantic. Always keep the theme in mind while deciding the wedding dress. The last thing you want is your wedding dress clashing with the theme of your wedding.   

Shop early but not too early

It’s always good to be having your shopping done on time. Understand that buying your wedding outfit way before time might put you out of style by the time your wedding comes around, or you might find a better one near to the date. Don’t hurry, take your time. 

Thought about Customization?

There are times where you have a design and style in mind but you can’t find it anywhere. At Badiani New York, we take these requests extra special and work with our craftsmen to create a personalised wedding gown for the wedding. All you have to do is book an appointment with the designer online or face to face!

If you need further consultation from an expert. Feel free to email your query to sales@badianinewyork.com. We will be happy to assist you. 

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